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Pictured on left: Master Salomon Villalpando 8th Dan, right: son Caleb Villalpando 3rd Dan

Salomon Villalpando-8th Degree Black Belt

Chief Instructor


He started karate on September 4, 1972, as a form of self-defense and later continued because he enjoyed it as a sport as much as the discipline and the will to grow stronger and build confidence in himself.  He later went on to instill his passion of martial arts to his children. At the age of 15, his son Caleb earned his Black Belt at the same age Salomon started karate. Impressed not only with his son's skills and dedication, but other students as well, he formed Salomon's Karate Studio Dream Team. This team trains extra each week preparing to showcase their unique abilities at several community activities around Muskegon.  Karate has taught him to respect all man-kind and he passes this knowledge on to his students.

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Dream Team

Salomon's Biography




-Training in the Martial Arts since 1972

-Started Salomons's Karate Studio in 1983

-Started United Karate System in 1986


Achievements & Awards


-Undefeated for 7 years in a row; registered wins in all tournaments entered

-Sportsmanship Award (1974)

-Grand Champion-NMS Tournament (1975)

-Full Contact Team Competition-Cobo Hall (1975)

-Published in Third Edition of Who's Who in American       Martial Arts (1987)

-Grand Champion-MKC Tournament (1993)

-Grand Champion-MKC Tournament (1997)

-Double Grand Champion in kata and sparring-White       Lake Tournament (2004)

-Grand Champion-White Lake Tournament (2005)


Community Involvement


-Support of MDA, Special Olympics, and Walk America

-Held self defense seminars for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and the community

-Participate in Mayfest at MCC

-Participate in area parades, Muskegon Summer    Celebration, and MCC Mayfest

-Work with Webster House and Community Mental        Health to help troubled youths

-Supporting studio of Project Action; providing martial  arts instruction to "at risk" and underpriviledged children in Muskegon county.

-Worked as a volunteer instructor at Fruitport Middle      School

-Offer "Safe Kids, Happy Kids" seminar to community

-Raise money for Breast cancer Awareness

-Women's Self Defense seminars

-Support FOP

-Karate Demonstrations




Click below to view Salomon's Self Defense Video clip on WZZM 13

(demo. is 2 mins and 40 secs into  video clip)

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